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3 Main Causes of an Unbalanced Washing Machine Load January 7, 2019

Downtown Matthews, Morning Star
3 Main Causes of an Unbalanced Washing Machine Load, Morning Star, North Carolina

Many people go to move the clothing from the washing machine to the dryer only to find that half the load is wet while the rest is dry. This may indicate the need for washer repair because the machine has become unbalanced. Here are three causes of this problem to look for in your home.

Balance Your Washer By Avoiding These 3 Issues

1. The Appliance Is Not Level

Sometimes the clothing in a washer will move to one side of the drum because the appliance is not sitting evenly. Check under the washing machine to ensure that the legs are sitting directly on the ground. Use a level on the top of the machine to see which side needs attention. Then, consider placing cardboard or a thin wooden wedge under the legs that are unbalanced. This will prevent the machine from rocking. Some machines even feature legs that turn to alter their height so you can make this adjustment without additional materials.

2. The Laundry Was Loaded Unevenly

washer repairWashing machines that feature a spindle in the middle — often known as top-loaders — are more likely to experience balance issues because of their design. If you place too many clothes on one side of the drum, it can become unbalanced — causing some of your clothing to get wet and washed while others remain dry or soapy. Try to evenly place dirty items in the washer before starting it to reduce the likelihood of this issue occurring.

3. Something Is Caught in the Tub

Occasionally, a piece of fabric will become lodged between the tub and agitator. This can reduce the ability for the machine to spin internally and cause a loud banging sound as it rocks side to side. Remove everything from the drum to see which item is causing the issue and gently try to remove it. If you cannot get it out, consider calling a washer repair specialist to walk you through the next steps to fix the issue or set up an appointment for them to take care of it.


Homeowners in need of washer repairs in Mecklenburg County, NC, should contact Carolina Appliance Service. Their team has been in business since 1993 providing affordable and reliable dishwasher, stove, microwave, dryer, refrigerator, and washer repairs. Call (704) 847-0004 or visit the website for information on their same-day services and to get some help addressing the issue over the phone.

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