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3 Tips to Reorganize Your Desk for Improved Productivity January 7, 2019

Downtown New Haven, New Haven
3 Tips to Reorganize Your Desk for Improved Productivity, New Haven, Connecticut

The cleanliness and layout of your workspace have a direct impact on your productivity. Your desk should inspire you to work harder and should make your job as easy as possible. If you’re looking for a change, some simple office cleaning and reorganization may be just what you need.

How to Spruce Up Your Desk

1. Daily Office Cleaning

A clean workspace is key to productivity, so wipe down your desk every day with an antibacterial cleaning solution. This type of diligent office cleaning will prevent the spread of illness since germs are common on items such as phones and keyboards. You’ll enjoy a healthier and more pleasant workspace by committing a few minutes each day to cleaning up and wiping down your desk.

2. Add Inspiration

office cleaningSince you spend a good portion of your life at your desk, it should be a place that you enjoy. Some small personal touches won’t take up much space but can make it feel like your own. Add a plant or a photo of your family. If you don’t have a desk lamp, then add one as well. Good lighting will reduce eye fatigue while boosting your energy levels throughout the day.

3. Declutter

A cluttered space makes even the simplest tasks difficult. Clear out a space where you can put your personal items when you arrive at the office, including somewhere you can put away your mobile devices to avoid distractions. Bundle your cables and tuck them away, then go through your entire desk to throw away any unnecessary items.


When you need a clean workspace, contact Maintenance One. They’ll handle your office cleaning so you can focus on your job in a clean and enjoyable space. This reputable cleaning company is based in Fairfield County, CT, and they offer top-notch corporate cleaning services to businesses throughout the surrounding area. They’ll work with you to develop a janitorial services plan to meet your needs and budget. Learn more on their website or call (203) 348-1700 for a free estimate.

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