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How to Help a Grieving Friend January 7, 2019

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How to Help a Grieving Friend, Chili, New York

The pain of losing a loved one is universal, but to see a close friend mourn brings the experience far closer to home. Therefore, when a cherished friend begins the grieving process, you may be unsure of how to help them without drawing out or unknowingly invalidating their feelings. From the news of the passing to the funeral service and beyond, use the following suggestions to help your friend heal.

3 Tips for Helping a Friend Through the Grieving Process

1. Recognize Their Pain

If the majority of your friendship revolves around having fun and decompressing after a stressful day, it’s easy to revert back to these lighthearted activities to distract your friend from the pain of their loss. However, your acknowledgment of their grief is essential to the healing process. Take time to sit down with your friend in a quiet space and ask them if they want to talk about their loss. If they don’t, stay patient while engaging them in healthy, soothing activities such as going for a walk, taking an art class, or cooking a meal at home.

2. Offer Your Help

funeral serviceAs they prepare for funeral service, ask your friend if they can benefit from your help in any way. Some people may ask for help around the house while they are consumed with the planning stages. Others may ask you to contribute something to the service, such as a song or reading. Whatever they need, make sure they know you’re open to taking care of it.

3. Check in Regularly

On the other hand, mourning doesn’t end at a funeral service. To truly display your true friendship, you’ll need to keep by checking in on a regular basis after the ceremony, whether in person or on the phone. If you live near your friend, try to see them at least once a week in the months following the funeral. Your constant support will remind your friend that they’re not alone in their pain, and they’ll feel more confident about the future with a strong support network.


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