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The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Mobile Banking Apps January 7, 2019

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Mobile Banking Apps, 10, Louisiana

Mobile banking makes it easy to access your account information wherever you are. There’s no need to go to your local branch or wait in line to speak with a teller on your lunch hour, or squeeze in a visit on the weekend. Though mobile and online banking is a convenient way to stay up to date on your finances, there are a few precautions you should take. Here are the do’s and don’ts of mobile banking so your personal information stays protected. 


Set up a passcode for your phone.

Leaving your phone open is convenient when you want to make calls on the run, but it puts your banking app at risk. Anyone who picks up your phone may be able to access the mobile banking app if you don’t log out. Protect that sensitive information by adding a passcode to the phone’s lock screen and keeping your code a secret.

Log out of your app between uses.

Mobile BankingPhone passcodes are not infallible and determined thieves may be able to guess them. To further protect your information, log out of your online or mobile banking app between uses. Make sure your password is not auto-saved to the device and choose log-in credentials that are difficult to guess.

Make use of text notifications.

Through the app, users can ask their bank to text them anytime a transaction is made or account information changes. This helps you watch for unauthorized activity. Turn these notifications on and catch fraud before damage is done.


Use unsecured networks or public Wi-Fi connections.

Unsecured and public internet connections make it easy for thieves to hack your account. If you plan on checking account balances, make sure to use only a secured network. If you’re using the app on a phone, turn off Wi-Fi access and log into the app with your cellular network’s data. This connection is more secure and will keep your information safe.

Neglect to report fraudulent activity.

The mobile banking app may send you text messages alerting you to possible fraud, but it won’t notify the bank of any issues. If a charge looks suspicious, report the activity to your local branch. The sooner the activity is flagged, the safer your account will be.


The team at Evangeline Bank & Trust Co. in Ville Platte, LA, believes that banking should be convenient and easy. Through their safe and secure mobile banking app, you’ll be able to access account information, make transfers, and monitor activity anytime you want. If you need face-to-face support, their tellers are happy to help at one of their local branches. To learn more about their convenient banking options, visit their website, or call (337) 363-5541 to reach their Ville Platte branch, (318) 443-3700 for their Alexandria location, (318) 445-3336 for their Pineville branch, and (337) 783-0412 for their Crowley branch.

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