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3 Ways to Find the Best Singing Lessons for Your Child January 8, 2019

New York, Richmond
3 Ways to Find the Best Singing Lessons for Your Child, New York, New York

The new year is full of opportunities for children interested in improving their musical abilities. Singing lessons can teach kids valuable skills that help them learn good study habits, enhance their listening and speaking skills, and have the confidence to make new friends. Not all voice teachers are the same, however, so if you’re interested in finding the best music school for your child, these pointers can help you narrow your search.

3 Tips for Choosing a Voice Teacher for Your Child

1. Research Their Experience & Accreditation

Some vocal teachers have limited singing experience or don’t possess both experience and a teaching degree. Look for a school or teachers that have a minimum of a master’s degree in education and who have also taught or studied at world-class facilities.  The best teachers have also performed at renowned venues and festivals at some point in their careers.

2. Look for Growth Opportunities

singing lessonsSinging lessons for children should include the opportunity to present what they’ve learned in front of audiences or competition. For example, students at DEA Music & Art have performed at Radio City Music Hall while opening for the Rockettes.

3. Choose a Teacher Compatible With Your Child

Singing lessons should be a fun growth opportunity for your child, and they will need a compatible partner to succeed. The school or teacher you choose should be invested in your kid’s success, encouraging and correcting them through individualized attention as needed. 


If you’re looking for a world-class music and art school to enhance your child’s musical abilities, DEA Music and Art has three locations in Staten Island, NY, and a fourth in London, UK. Offering singing lessons and violin, guitar, and piano courses, their teachers and staff are passionate about music education. Classes are designed for all ages, starting at age 3, and all instructors are musicians who actively perform and teach around the world. Call (718) 876-5223 to sign your child up for singing lessons in the New Year. To learn more about classes, which start in January, visit their website today.