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3 Flowers to Beautify Your Winter Garden January 9, 2019

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3 Flowers to Beautify Your Winter Garden, Eldersburg, Maryland

Although many plants hibernate during winter, hiring a landscaping company to perform routine care is still imperative. By aerating the ground, applying fertilizer, and performing other tasks, professionals can ensure vegetation remains protected in the cold climate and thrives when spring arrives. If you want to add color, texture, and depth to the landscape, specialists will also recommend flowers to put in your winter garden. Below are a few flowers that bloom in colder temperatures. 

Best Flowers to Plant In Your Garden This Winter

1. Camellia

landscapingThe winter-blooming species of camellias will add pops of soft pink or deep magenta to your winter landscape. The evergreens bloom from winter to spring, ensuring your garden remains full of color throughout the colder months. Camellia shrubs can grow up to 12 feet tall, so consider adding them to the back area of a garden. This vegetation needs partial sunlight and pruning in late winter or early spring to flourish.

2. Jasmine

Winter jasmine is highly adaptable and able to grow in moist or dry soil when exposed to full or partial sunlight. The plant grows as a vine, so consider hanging it over a fence or a wall close to other winter plants. You can also have a landscaping specialist prune it back to give the appearance of a shrub. This flower will fill the garden with a warm golden hue throughout the season

3. Witch Hazel

Consider planting witch hazel in an area without shade, as it needs full sunlight to remain healthy. The petals are typically yellow and red, with a wavy, tendril shape. The plant has a subtle floral and herbal scent, filling the yard with a pleasant aroma. Witch hazel is a great shrub to add to the garden, as it reaches upwards of 20 feet tall. It needs moist soil to grow and can be pruned back to maintain different shapes. 



If you need help caring for winter plants, contact the lawn maintenance technicians at Myers Lawn Care Services. Based in Carroll County, MD, the team is well-versed on how to care for gardening plants and grasses grown in the Mid-Atlantic region. The landscaping experts will also share tips to keep away damage-causing pests. To schedule lawn care services, call (443) 398-2960, or visit the landscaping company online for details.  

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