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3 Ways to Prevent Custom Home Theater Mistakes January 7, 2019

Wilmore, Charlotte
3 Ways to Prevent Custom Home Theater Mistakes, Charlotte, North Carolina

A custom home theater is capable of providing your family with countless hours of entertainment. It instantly elevates the experience of watching a movie or your favorite television program, and you’ll notice an incredible difference in both the sound and picture quality. There are, however, some setbacks that may occur during the setup process. Here are three common errors — and how you can fix them.

How to Prevent These Basic Home Theater Mistakes

1. Check the Speakers

Nothing affects the sound quality more than your speakers. When searching for the right set, take into account the size of the room first. You may not technically have a space that fits the traditional definition of a home theater, but you can still enjoy surround sound. Remember that larger speakers will overwhelm a room, while minuscule models won’t produce the quality audio that you expect. Floor or in-wall speakers are ideal in sizable spaces, while shelf options are sufficient for small rooms. It’s not unusual to select the wrong size at first; a whole home audio expert can guide you through the process.

2. Adjust the Lighting

Charlotte, NC custom home theaterEverything in your custom home theater may look great at a glance, but you might not realize the impact that lighting has until you attempt to watch TV or use your home theater projector. To reduce glare, make sure that your TV isn’t positioned opposite a window, and install a dimmer so you can control the lighting in the room when you opt to use the projection screen. Consider a matte finish for a TV in a large space — it will prevent distracting glares and ensure sufficient visibility from anywhere in the room.

3. Organize the Cables

Your custom home theater is only as organized as your cables — which often tend to fall into a state of disarray very quickly. The abundance of cords can easily take up valuable real estate on the floor, too, which is less than ideal in smaller spaces. Draw up a few plans before you install anything so you can prevent unpleasant tangling and wasted space. Label each cord with a sticker so you know where it directs, and consider investing in a cable management organizer that houses all of your cords in a single, sleek hub. This will make it much simpler to keep everything contained.


Avoid these mistakes and enjoy the ultimate in home entertainment with help from the experienced team at Premiere Home Theater. As the leading source for custom home theaters in Cornelius and Charlotte, NC, they understand exactly what it takes to elevate your viewing experience. Offering everything from high-quality surround sound equipment and home theater projects to home lighting automation, they leave nothing untouched when creating the media room of your dreams. Visit their website to find out more about their process, or call (704) 449-9448 to request a quote today. 

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