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3 Areas of Your Home You Need to Insulate This Winter January 7, 2019

Mountain Home, Baxter
3 Areas of Your Home You Need to Insulate This Winter, Mountain Home, Arkansas

Insulation is essential for keeping your home a comfortable temperature throughout the winter and ensuring that you don’t have to pay exorbitant heating bills. While it’s important to insulate almost every exterior wall in your house, there are a few spaces that require additional insulation in the winter. Here are a few places you should have checked out in your own home.

What Areas of Your Home Should You Insulate This Winter?

1. Attic

As warm air rises, it often makes its way to the highest level of your home — your attic. If it’s not properly insulated, all of that heat will escape through your roof, leaving you with a high utility bill. Adding insulation keeps hot air trapped inside, making the rest of your home more comfortable when it’s cold out. 

2. New Exterior Walls

insulationThe exterior walls of your home are likely already insulated. However, if you’ve had any additions or renovations done throughout the fall or summer, you should check them to ensure they’ve been sufficiently insulated. If not, you can use a blow-in material to add insulation without disturbing the walls.

3. Renovated Basements

If you’ve recently had your basement finished or renovated, this is another area to check this winter. Heat can easily escape through basements, since they usually sit next to the foundation or an exterior surface that’s much colder than the interior of your home. With proper insulation, you can keep your newly renovated basement more comfortable and improve energy efficiency throughout the rest of your home as well.


If you need insulation for your home this winter, visit Marchant Building Center in Mountain Home, AR. The locally owned hardware store sells a wide variety of building materials and offers installation services for doors and windows, shelving, garage doors, insulation, and siding. To schedule a free estimate, visit the team online or call (870) 425-3168. Please note that the store’s mailing address has changed to 1815 South College St. Spur. They have not moved, but the street name has changed.

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