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How to Plan a Lawn Irrigation System January 7, 2019

Dimmitt, Castro
How to Plan a Lawn Irrigation System, Dimmitt, Texas

Creating the ideal lawn irrigation system requires some planning since you need to ensure there are no dry patches without drowning your lawn. Though it takes some effort up front, an automatic system will make watering your lawn much easier and can significantly reduce your water usage. Use this guide to create a perfect plan that will lead to a successful installation.

Guide to Laying Out Your Lawn Irrigation

How to Begin

irrigationBegin by drawing out a map of your property to scale. Graph paper is an excellent tool for helping you draw straight lines, and keep track of your scale; for example, each small square on the back could indicate a square foot of space. Measure out all obstacles such as trees or sidewalks that you’ll need to work around. Mark where you will connect with the main water supply. You can then use this template to draw where you will place sprinkler heads and draw out the radius of spray to see how much ground each sprinkler will cover.

What to Consider

The ideal way to lay out the sprinklers is to overlap their coverage by 50 percent. This ensures that no areas will be missed and that the lawn will get an even application of water. If possible, try to keep the sprinkler heads around the perimeter of the lawn. Placing too many in the middle creates a trip hazard for children playing on the lawn and leaves them more susceptible to damage from a mower.

You will also need to test your home’s water pressure since it requires at least 40 or 50 PSI — pounds per square inch — to flow properly. You can do this by turning off all the water-using appliances inside the home, then hooking a gauge to an outdoor spigot before turning it on and reading the pressure. Do this a few times throughout the day and calculate the average since it will vary slightly.


Conyers Well Service is the water well services expert trusted by property owners throughout Dimmitt, TX, and the surrounding Panhandle area. Whether you want to install a new lawn sprinkler system or get a well inspection, they can handle projects of all sizes. Contact them online or at (806) 647-3215 to request a free estimate from their irrigation and well-drilling contractor today!

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