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Why It’s Important for Kids to Get Enough Sleep January 7, 2019

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Why It’s Important for Kids to Get Enough Sleep, Delray Beach, Florida

Whether it’s due to bad dreams, too much energy, or a fear of missing out, many kids get less sleep than they need each night. Not only can this make your child grumpy come morning, but it can also have a real impact on their ability to learn and process information. The following highlights the importance of a good night’s rest, as well as what you can do if your child isn’t sleeping. 

What Are Healthy Sleeping Habits?

Insomnia is a common issue. In fact, it can even be tough for parents to identify what constitutes a healthy sleep schedule. Good sleeping habits usually involve uninterrupted sleep without bad dreams, a schedule that aligns with a child’s natural circadian rhythm, naps as needed throughout the day, and the right amount of sleep each night. While it can fluctuate depending on the age of your child as well as their individual needs, most people need at least eight hours of sleep each night to function optimally throughout the day.

What Happens When a Child Doesn’t Sleep Well?

bad dreamsIn the long term, sleep deprivation has a number of adverse effects. Kids who lack sleep are more likely to experience fatigue throughout the day, which can impact alertness and the ability to process information. Kids that don’t get enough sleep also experience crankiness and irritability. This is because their bodies will try to fight off exhaustion by releasing adrenaline, which leads to a hyper-alert state.

At bedtime, the poor effects will only continue. Many kids who are sleep-deprived have trouble falling and staying asleep during the night. A child may wake up multiple times as a result, often complaining of bad dreams. This can start an unhealthy cycle of restless nights. 


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