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3 Common Golf Terms Every Beginner Should Know January 4, 2019

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3 Common Golf Terms Every Beginner Should Know, Saratoga, Wisconsin

Golfing is a relaxing, satisfying way to get outside and enjoy a little exercise. However, if you are a first-timer, the lingo involved with the sport can be intimidating. Here are three common golf terms every beginner should know and what they mean. 

3 Important Golf Terms

1. Tee

On a golf course, the tee is the area where you start each hole. Most golf courses have three sets of tees to choose from when you start the hole, including forward, middle, and back tees. Forward tees are commonly used by beginners while middle and back tees are for more experienced golfers. The back tees are also called “championship tees” at some golf courses since these are where professionals drive. When you book a golf session, you will select a “tee time,” which is when you need to be at the first tee. 

2. Par 

golfTo help golfers understand the course, each hole has a “par,” which is the average number of strokes it takes to finish the hole. Your score is determined by how many strokes it takes you compared to the par to finish the hole, with fewer strokes warranting a higher score. 

3. Fore

Because new players tee off as you advance through the golf course, it is possible to have balls fly close behind you, which is where the term “fore” comes in. Players commonly shout, “Fore!” as they tee off as a warning to watch out for a ball.


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