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Why Is Attending a Pre-Kindergarten Program So Important? January 4, 2019

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Why Is Attending a Pre-Kindergarten Program So Important?, Greensboro, North Carolina

If you have a child who is approaching kindergarten within the coming years, the best way you can prepare them for this important transition is by enrolling them in a pre-kindergarten program. In addition to exposing children to a structured schedule, pre-K facilitates social development and gives young learners the jump start they need to succeed throughout kindergarten and beyond. Discover the specific benefits of these early learning programs below.

The Importance of Pre-Kindergarten

Teaches Social Skills

Pre-K provides opportunities for your child to interact with their peers. This supports the development of important social and emotional skills children carry with them throughout their entire lives, such as reasonable decision making, social awareness, self-awareness, and self-management. Children will continue to work with their peers through kindergarten and thereafter, so exposing them to others within their age group at an early age can give them an early advantage.

Supports Good Behavior

In pre-K learning environments, children learn to obey and respect figures other than their parents. This helps to reinforce the positive behaviors they learn to practice at home while also deterring negative ones. In communal settings and through supervised interactions, children begin to understand the importance of sharing and conflict resolution.

Launches Scholastic Success

pre-kindergartenFinally, pre-K establishes a foundation of lifelong academic success by fostering a passion for learning at a young age. Beyond enjoying school, however, early childhood development programs also help children perform better and learn more readily in subsequent schooling. Improvements are seen in literacy and numeracy for children who attend pre-K, compared to their peers who do not.


If you’re a parent in Guilford County, NC seeking a trusted pre-kindergarten program for your child, turn to Guilford Child Development. Since 1967, this group of organizations has helped families find high-quality learning opportunities at reduced rates throughout the local community. Parents in the High Point area can begin their search for child care using the website’s online database or by calling (336) 887-8224.

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