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Advocating for Your Child’s Mental Health December 28, 2018

Osceola, Mississippi
Advocating for Your Child’s Mental Health, Osceola, Arkansas

We all experience periods of sadness, extreme frustration, and anger — even children. However, if your child is exhibiting signs of emotional problems, it’s important to seek psychiatric services to help them understand their feelings. Children by nature can have strong, varying emotions, which is why being able to advocate for your child’s mental health is crucial to their overall well-being.

What Symptoms Will a Child with Emotional Issues Present?

If your child is coping with emotional problems, there are a number of different ways they might demonstrate this. If your child typically does well in school, but suddenly begins to struggle with their grades, this may be an indication of underlying emotional issues. They may also fight or act out with teachers, parents, or other authority figures. Your child may also withdraw from friends, family members, or activities they once enjoyed. If you notice any of these symptoms in your child, consider seeking psychiatric services to have their mental health evaluated.

What Will Occur During the Assessment?

psychiatric servicesDepending on the age of your child, the therapist will utilize different, age-appropriate methods to help your child feel comfortable opening up. This may be a series of questions to better understand the emotions they are feeling, or, for younger children, may include games to help them identify what it is they’re experiencing. It’s important your child attends more than one appointment, so the professional can fully grasp and assess the emotional well-being of your child. Once more is understood, the therapist will recommend treatment if necessary, whether it’s behavioral exercises, continued therapy, or medication.

Why Is it Important to Advocate for Your Child’s Mental Health?

Because children are emotional by nature, it can be easy to dismiss the strong feelings or symptoms they are exhibiting. However, seeking psychiatric services at a young age can strengthen your child’s mental health and make it easier for them to cope and handle things as they continue to age. As a parent, it’s important to not only recognize your child is having emotional struggles, but to also support them during their treatment. Keep open lines of communication with your child and learn methods you can utilize at home to further encourage their treatment.


If you notice signs of emotional turmoil in your child, trust the professionals at Families, Inc. in Arkansas. With 11 locations providing psychiatric services to children, adults, couples, and families, this mental health group can provide the tools your child needs to better understand and deal with their strong emotions. To learn more about Families, Inc., visit them online or call (877) 595-8869. 

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