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How to Check Your Trees After a Major Storm January 7, 2019

Waiakea Ahupua`a, Hilo
How to Check Your Trees After a Major Storm, Hilo, Hawaii

Defending your property against tropical storms is critical, and it’s especially important to check the trees in your yard. When exposed to high winds and heavy rains, trees suffer harm that could increase the risk of property damage and landscaping problems. To stay safe and keep your home in optimal condition, here are five common problems you should look for after a storm and how a professional arborist will help resolve them.  

5 Potential Tree Problems to Look for After a Storm

1. Broken Limbs

While you may be able to safely remove small stems, avoid handling any large or heavy limbs that have been compromised. If these branches fall, they can crush you, your home, and surrounding power lines. To limit risk, call a professional arborist for tree trimming.  

2. Leaning Trunks

arboristWhether due to soil erosion or high winds, trees sometimes lose their hold within the ground and begin to lean after a storm. While the plant may still be intact, another weather event could cause the tree to fall, posing a severe risk to you and your property. In these cases, professional tree removal is often necessary.

3. Cracks in the Trunk

Excessive storm damage can cause trunks of trees to split, weakening their structural integrity. If the split continues to grow, the tree may end up falling. If caught early enough, an arborist may be able to repair the damage. However, removal may be the best option if the crack is extensive.

4. Lifting Roots

Long periods of rain can wash away soil and leave roots exposed. Unless the problem is carefully tended to by an arborist, exposed roots can become damaged, negatively impacting the health of the tree.  

5. Torn Bark

Torn bark isn’t an emergency, but it’s still a problem. If left untreated, the exposed area may provide a welcoming spot for intrusive pests that will eventually hurt the health of the plant. Fortunately, arborists can usually treat the area to ensure proper healing. 


The professionals at Arborist Services in Hilo, HI, take great pride in providing post-storm care to property owners on the Big Island. Providing everything from weather event cleanup to full tree removal, these ISA®-certified arborists will help keep your landscape safe and beautiful. For more information on their comprehensive tree services, visit this local business online. To request routine or emergency care, call a friendly team member at (808) 895-6537.

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