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3 Questions to Ask Before a Chimney Inspection January 7, 2019

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3 Questions to Ask Before a Chimney Inspection, Kernersville, North Carolina

Whether you’re a new homeowner or a long-time resident, regular chimney inspections are crucial to keeping your home safe and comfortable. These professional assessments provide insight into the conditions of your fireplace and chimney, and will help prevent bad air quality and potential fires. Here are three questions to ask to ensure you’re prepared for the inspection. 

3 Questions to Keep in Mind Before Scheduling a Chimney Inspection

1. How Often Should I Get an Inspection?

All homes should have chimney inspections once a year. However, if you use the fireplace frequently consider getting this assessment twice a year to ensure the chimney is properly maintained and operating safely. 

2. How Can I Prepare My Home?

It’s helpful to move any furniture away from the fireplace before a chimney inspection. Scoot chairs, couches, lamps, and fireplace accessories a few feet away so the inspector can easily reach the fireplace. Also, consider covering nearby items with sheets or dropcloths to reduce the chances of your furniture getting covered in soot.

3. What Does an Inspection Include?

chimney inspectionBefore getting started on your home, an inspector will don coveralls, gloves and a respirator to maintain their personal safety. They’ll also spread a tarp around the hearth to prevent soot damage to your flooring. During the chimney inspection, the expert will perform visual checks of the inside and outside of the fireplace and flue. They’ll look for cracks, missing bricks or mortar, and signs of critter infestation. They’ll also assess soot buildup and search for any obstacles that may prevent proper air exchange between your chimney and the outside world.

Finally, the technician will fix any damage or go into the crawl space or attic as needed to provide a more thorough assessment.  Sometimes technicians will even remove chimney crowns or chimney walls if they want better access to an issue in the fireplace system. A chimney inspection typically takes about an hour, but may require additional time if repairs are necessary.


If you’re due for a chimney inspection, contact the professionals at The Chimney Sweep in Forsyth County, NC. Their team has nearly 40 years of experience with maintenance and repairs and will ensure your chimney is fully intact. Call (336) 993-8999 to schedule an inspection today, or visit the website for information on their services, including chimney cleaning, sweeping, relining, and repairs.

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