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Water Well Drilling: What to Know and Timeframe January 4, 2019

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Water Well Drilling: What to Know and Timeframe, Date, Missouri

When it comes to getting a reliable water supply, there are two main options: city water connections or a freshwater well drilled on the property. In some instances, city water connections are not available, and water well drilling is the only way to run water to the house. Though each well will be different, here’s what you need to know about the drilling timeline and how you can best prepare your property for the appointment.

What You Can Do to Prepare

Before the water well drilling appointment, you’ll want to get the property ready. Remove any vehicles, debris, or other equipment from the drilling site so the rig can maneuver easily. Acquire the appropriate permits and licensing in place with the county or city. The drilling contractor should do this for you, but it’s always a good idea to double check the paperwork. 

How Long Does Water Well Drilling Take?

Water Well DrillingFor most properties, the actual drilling process takes only 1-2 days. This can vary based on the firmness of the soil and any bedrock or obstructions that might block the drill bit from reaching the water table. Before the drilling appointment, your residential drilling specialist should have helped you find an ideal location for the well itself. This helps reduce delays on drilling time. The drilling process will then be followed up by the water pump installation. For most wells, this will take an additional day to complete.


Ready to install a new well on your property? Schedule a water well drilling appointment with the team at Mike Woolsey and Sons Pump and Well Service in Summersville, MO. Their fully licensed and insured contractors will make sure your well is installed the first time properly. If anything breaks or you have issues in the future, their 5-year warranty on pumps and tanks will give you peace of mind knowing that your well will be taken care of. Learn more about their services online and call (417) 932-4036 to schedule a free estimate.

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