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3 Critical Puppy Socialization Mistakes to Avoid January 4, 2019

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3 Critical Puppy Socialization Mistakes to Avoid, Easton, Connecticut

Puppy training can be challenging, even for seasoned dog owners. While deterring negative behaviors and promoting positive ones can be trying in itself, one other aspect many people struggle with is socializing their dogs properly. It’s important to begin exposing your pup to other canines when your vet approves it, but there are also a few important mistakes to actively avoid when doing so.

Common Dog Socialization Mistakes

1. Waiting Too Long

Often, new puppy owners fall under the misconception that they should wait as long as possible to socialize their dogs. In fact, the opposite is actually true. The sooner you expose your dog to others, the more accustomed they’ll become to being in the presence of canines. Dogs are most impressionable in their first 16 weeks, so be sure to bring them around other dogs within this time frame.

2. Not Reading Your Dog’s Cues

While exposing your new pup to other dogs is a good idea, some dogs may be nervous around other animals. If your dog expresses signs of hesitation, such as cowering, panting, shaking, or excessive drooling in the presence of other dogs, be sure to remove them from the environment quickly. Your dog may simply take a little while to “warm up” to other animals. Forcing them to socialize when they’re nervous will only intensify their nerves.

3. Neglecting Puppy Training

puppy trainingIf your dog doesn’t seem to warm up to any other canines even after introducing them slowly, it could indicate an issue which must be addressed through puppy training. Each dog is inherently different and has unique behavioral characteristics, so even long-time dog owners may struggle to identify how to properly introduce their new pup to others. The right trainer will make your puppy feel comfortable in the presence of both other dogs and humans, and teach your pet to be both confident and obedient.


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