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4 Reasons to Visit Your Local Pharmacy This Cold Season January 9, 2019

Wilde Lake, Clarksville
4 Reasons to Visit Your Local Pharmacy This Cold Season, Clarksville, Maryland

If you’re feeling under the weather this season, you might not have time to visit your doctor. Fortunately, your local pharmacy has several resources to help you manage the common cold and even the flu. Whether you feel a cold coming on or have been sniffling for days, the following are just some of the reasons to stop into a pharmacy.

Why Should You Visit the Pharmacy This Season?

1. Relieve Your Symptoms

Pharmacies have a wide selection of over-the-counter medications and remedies to ease your cold symptoms. If you need help sleeping at night, you can find a nighttime decongestant to soothe your cough and clear your sinuses. You can also find products like nasal sprays to help you breathe easy. And of course, most pharmacies carry soup, tissues, and magazines to get you through a sick day.

2. Talk to a Pharmacist 

If you aren’t sure how to cope with your cold symptoms, the pharmacists are available to help. They will likely ask about your symptoms, how long you have been sick, and which over-the-counter medications you’ve already taken. The pharmacist will use this information to recommend products from the pharmacy. If your symptoms seem to be more severe than just a standard cold or flu, they may advise that you see a doctor. 

3. Get Your Flu Shot

pharmacyIf you haven’t already received your flu shot this season, remember that it’s never too late. Your local pharmacist can provide flu vaccinations all season, so stop in to ask about this preventative measure. The immunization will keep you and those around you protected this flu season.

4. Check Your Vitals

Staying healthy this season involves more than managing and preventing viruses. Talk to your local pharmacist about blood pressure tests, diabetes management, cholesterol measurements, and services to help you quit smoking. All of these factors can help you maintain your health throughout cold season and beyond.


Residents throughout Howard County, MD, can trust Columbia Hickory Pharmacy with their health needs this cold and flu season. These local pharmacists can fill your prescriptions, manage your cold symptoms, and assist with your family’s wellness needs. They also provide services like HIV counseling and medical equipment repair. A member of the CARE Pharmacies Cooperative, the facility has provided expert care for difficult prescriptions and chronic conditions for more than 50 years. To learn more about this reputable pharmacy, visit their website. For any questions about symptoms or over-the-counter medications, call (410) 964-6409 to speak with a pharmacist today.

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