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Dos & Don'ts of Exercising During Pregnancy February 18, 2019

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Dos & Don'ts of Exercising During Pregnancy, Rochester, New York

Exercising while pregnant can relieve back pain, boost energy, and regulate your mood. Regular physical activity can also keep your body strong and help you handle labor. However, it’s important to exercise safely. In addition to talking to your obstetrician, consider the following tips for exercising properly during pregnancy.


Create a routine you enjoy. 

A low-stress pregnancy is healthy for both you and your baby. Your exercise routine should help you relax, not stress you out. Find fun ways to move your body for 20 or 30 minutes at least three or four times per week. This can include activities like a prenatal yoga class, light cardio at the gym, a walk around the park, or water aerobics. 

Talk to your doctor. 

Before you start your exercise regimen, talk to your doctor about which workouts are safe for you. This is especially important if you have any medical conditions. Your obstetrician will recommend specific types of activity for your body and stage of pregnancy.

Wear the right clothing.

obstetricianWhile engaging in physical activity, wear a supportive sports bra and comfortable, loose exercise clothing. Make sure that you wear supportive shoes that are specific to your exercise of choice. This gear will help regulate your body temperature and prevent injury during your workout.


Take risks.

While you’re pregnant, be sure to avoid any activity that may put you at risk for a fall, such as skiing. You should also avoid contact sports, including any sport with a ball. While working out, refrain from twisting at the waist, jumping, bouncing, or quickly changing direction. It’s also best to leave sit-ups, toe touches, and deep squats out of your routine, especially in later stages of your pregnancy. 

Overexert yourself. 

The effects of vigorous exercise on pregnancy are little studied and poorly understood. To limit potential risks, exercise at a moderate pace. You should always be able to talk comfortably while exercising. If you are unable to do so, take a break to catch your breath. To avoid exhaustion, stick with activities that your obstetrician approved and drink plenty of water.

Exercise in the heat.

Even if you were able to exercise in hot weather before your pregnancy, avoid doing so while pregnant. This increases your risk of exhaustion, dehydration, and other health complications. 


The right obstetrician will guide you and help you maintain a healthy pregnancy. Genesee Valley Obstetrics & Gynecology PC in Rochester, NY, provides a variety of prenatal and women’s health services. These OB-GYNs offer family planning, routine gynecological exams, birth control consultations, and ultrasounds in their comfortable office environment. To view a full list of their services, visit them online. Call (585) 232-3210 to make an appointment today.

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