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FAQ About Lypossage® Body Contouring January 17, 2019

Stone Mountain, DeKalb
FAQ About Lypossage® Body Contouring, Stone Mountain, Georgia

If you’re considering having body contouring or body sculpting done to feel and look better, you may have questions about your options. There are many ways to remove or reduce the appearance of cellulite, bulge, and fat, and Lypossage® by a massage therapist is a treatment option with which you may not be familiar yet. Here are some common questions about the treatment and their answers to help you learn more about this noninvasive but slimming body contouring option.

Common Questions About Lypossage

What is it?

Lypossage is a noninvasive manual manipulation technique that takes advantage of a massage therapist’s skills to reduce the appearance of cellulite while improving skin tone. It is popular for reducing back or bra fat, love handles, and buttocks, hip, and abdomen fat.

On which areas of the body is it performed?

massage therapistThis treatment is performed on three specific areas or zones of the body. Zone one includes the abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks. Zone two targets the upper abdomen, arms, back, and neck. Zone three gives the effects of a facelift by targeting the neck, face, and head.

Why is it noninvasive?

Unlike other body sculpting and contouring procedures which require special equipment or surgery, Lypossage uses the massage therapist’s hands to effect change on the body and its appearance. Rather than enduring painful reduction surgeries or having long recuperation times, Lypossage is as comfortable as receiving a massage. 

How long does it take?

Unlike invasive procedures which may be completed quickly or in one painful session, this treatment is typically completed in 30-minute sessions, three times per week per body zone chosen to receive treatment. The treatment program lasts six weeks.


If you’re ready to do something for your body to look and feel better in the new year, turn to The Miracle of Massage for Lypossage body contouring in Stone Mountain, GA. Their DeKalb County massage therapists are specially trained to help you feel your best, and they also treat back pain, neck pain, and soft tissue injuries. Whether you need pain relief, relaxation, or just want to look better this year, call (678) 883-2873 to make an appointment.

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