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Do’s & Don’ts of Planning a First Date in Winter January 4, 2019

Greenway - Upper Kirby, Houston
Do’s & Don’ts of Planning a First Date in Winter, Houston, Texas

First dates can be a challenge to plan, especially during the cold winter months. The fluctuating temperatures make it a little uncomfortable to be outdoors for a long time, and indoor activities might seem mundane. However, with some creativity, singles can create a fun, memorable outing for their date. Below are a few guidelines to help.


Dress appropriately.

Whether you plan to walk between stops or want to brave the cold for an outdoor activity, you should be prepared. Wear layers to protect yourself from the wind, and choose something that you can remove when it’s time to go inside. Shivering and feeling chilly will shift your focus from your date, so think ahead and wear something that will keep you comfortable.

Go ice skating.

dating serviceIce skating is romantic, fun, and memorable. The constant movement of skating around the ice will keep you warm, and helping each other get comfortable on your skates will be a bonding experience for both singles. Afterward, warm up with a cup of hot cocoa, coffee, or tea, and discuss how much fun you had.


Feel obligated to go outdoors.

If you don’t prefer to be out in the cold, then don’t plan outdoor activities. There are plenty of fun things to do inside, such as wine tasting or a hockey game. Discuss options with your date before deciding to determine if they have any interests that can be included in the evening.

Meet just for coffee.

While it’s a safe option for first dates, meeting for coffee doesn’t make for a memorable evening. Planning at least one or two additional activities throughout the evening will prevent a lull in the conversation, so both of you will have a good time.


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