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3 Strategies to Extend Your Carpet’s Life January 17, 2019

Chatsworth, Murray
3 Strategies to Extend Your Carpet’s Life, Chatsworth, Georgia

Your home’s carpet is an investment, so naturally you want it to stay clean and beautiful for as long as possible. Which carpet backing you choose and how you treat the surface will have a significant impact on the flooring’s life span. Use some simple strategies to maximize your investment while enjoying carpeting that looks new for years to come. 

How to Keep Carpet Clean & Beautiful

1. Install Carpet Backing

Carpet backing may be invisible once your flooring is installed, but it serves a valuable purpose. This invisible system will help the top layer maintain its structure both during installation and in the years of use to come. Choose a high-quality synthetic woven or polyurethane carpet backing for the best moisture production. With a good carpet underlay investment, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of softer flooring underfoot and reduced sound transfer. 

2. Vacuum Regularly

carpet backingRug fibers trap dirt and debris, which then travel deeper into the carpet as people walk on it. Vacuuming is the best way to pull that out, in turn keeping the surface clean and fluffy for as long as possible. Vacuum at least once a week, and increase that to two or three times weekly if you have pets or kids.

Invest in a good machine that serves your needs; for example, you may need a high-powered vacuum if you have shedding pets or a handheld unit for easily tackling carpeted stairs. 

3. Hire Professionals

Vacuums work well, but they don’t get everything, so a regular professional cleaning schedule is recommended. Have this done once or twice a year. It should be more often if your rugs get particularly dirty for any reason, such as a house full of guests or an indoor construction project. Hire immediate spot removal if something stains, as leaving it alone for too long will only let it set further. 

Georgia Carpet Finishers Inc makes it easy to protect your carpet from the day of its installation in Chatsworth, GA. Their selection of industry-leading carpet backing offers different solutions for your unique needs and is competitively priced to fit your budget. Learn more about their carpet padding options on their website and call (706) 695-3600 to talk with a knowledgeable rug finishing staff member.

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