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Why You Should Read to Your Children Before Bed January 3, 2019

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Why You Should Read to Your Children Before Bed, Delray Beach, Florida

For many families, reading a bedtime story may be a treasured tradition. What you may not realize is that this time has many valuable cognitive and emotional benefits. It can give you and your child time to grow closer, it lets them get an early start on reading skills, and it can help them avoid bad dreams. Below, learn more about why you should make this part of your nightly ritual.

Why You Should Make Reading a Bedtime Routine

bad dreamsSharing a story with your child before bed does more than give your child something to look forward to; it also prepares them for early reading success and is a crucial first step in cultivating a lifelong love of books. As your child grows older, consistent reading will give them a larger vocabulary, and can even make them more adept at understanding their own emotions. Reading pleasant stories can also spark their imagination in positive ways, helping them avoid bad dreams. Lastly, this part of your day is a valuable way to bond with your child, and you may even use the stories as a springboard to discuss their feelings and challenges.

How to Make the Most of Bedtime Reading

Let your child pick the story they want to read. Even if you feel like you’ve read the same story a hundred times, repetition can help your child fully grasp a story and build familiarity. As they get older, encourage them to sound out words or read every other page. To make the story even more engrossing, you can use unique voices for different characters or incorporate hand gestures and facial expressions. Ask your child questions about the story afterward to spark critical thinking and engagement.


If you’re looking to make bedtime easy instead of a struggle, reading is just one way to do that. You can also help your children look forward to sleep and avoid bad dreams with The Dream Pillow™. Available across the country, it comes in the Dream Set, which includes a bedtime storybook and 60 dream note cards. After reading a story, you encourage your child to imagine what they’d like to dream about. Then they jot it down, tuck it inside the pillow, and drift into sleep without bad dreams. The pillow is even customizable with a monogram. To order, call (561) 272-0018 or visit them online.

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