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What Is the Best Thread Count for Down Comforters? January 4, 2019

Mason, Warren
What Is the Best Thread Count for Down Comforters?, Mason, Ohio

On comforters and other types of bedding, the number of threads per square inch is known as the thread count. Undoubtedly, you've noticed thread counts listed on packaging, but what, exactly, do these numbers mean? Below is an overview of thread count to help you find the best down comforter for your taste and budget.

Your Guide to Thread Count When Choosing a Comforter

Low Thread Counts

A lower thread count is anywhere between 300 to 500, though some materials like muslin can be as low as 100 to 180. These comforters are lightweight, generally around four or five pounds, and they are thinner than higher thread counts. Because they have fewer threads and are more slender than other types of down comforters, lower thread counts are usually more affordable, though they may not last as long, especially if you wash them frequently. 

Medium Thread Counts

comfortersMedium thread counts for a down comforter range from 500 to 800. They are of average weight, typically six or seven pounds, and are noticeably thicker than low thread count comforters. They are also more durable and will hold up well even after several washes. Pricewise, medium thread count comforters fall at the midpoint between low- and high-count products.

High Thread Counts

Higher thread counts from 800 to 1500 are considered luxurious. They are the thickest of all down comforters, and they can weigh anywhere from eight to ten pounds. Comforters with high thread counts are designed and constructed to last, and you can be confident they’ll be in like-new condition after years of regular use and routine washings. Because of their size, scope, and longevity — as well as their undeniable comfort — higher thread count products usually come with the highest price tags.


Understanding thread count basics will ensure you purchase the right down comforter. DOWNLITE features a full line of comforters, down bedding, pillows, and much more to ensure you get the best night’s sleep. To learn about their products or to view their inventory, visit their website or call them directly at (866) 931-3696. For the latest updates, tips, and deals, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.