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What Causes Carpets to Wrinkle? January 3, 2019

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What Causes Carpets to Wrinkle?, Lincoln, Nebraska

When smooth and taut, carpet can transform a cold room into a cozy haven. Alternatively, a wrinkled carpet can look sloppy, the rises and ripples also posing a potential tripping hazard. If you’re not sure how you came to have this problem with your flooring, consider the following list of common causes.

3 Factors That Contribute to a Wrinkled Carpet

1. Installation Problems

Unlike area rugs, wall-to-wall carpeting is pulled taut and stapled or otherwise attached to the subfloor. However, if your contractors did not use the proper tools to stretch the carpet, such as a pole or power stretcher, the loose fabric will eventually bunch.

2. Delamination

wrinkled carpetIn other cases, installation may have been properly handled, but the flooring itself is to blame. If the carpet fibers detach from the backing material, the upper surface may contort, resulting in bumps and depressions. In this case, you’ll need to hold the manufacturer responsible, as the adhesive may not have been strong enough to resist foot traffic or moving furniture.

3. Moisture

You may also encounter wrinkled carpet due to cleaning mistakes, especially those involving an excessive amount of moisture. If you add too much water to this flooring, it can soak through the fibers and get stuck beneath the backing. With no circulation to trigger evaporation, your carpeting can delaminate and wrinkle. In addition to cleaning errors, high humidity levels during installation and vapor emissions from your home’s concrete foundation may have also contributed to the issue.


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