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3 Ways to Make a New House Feel Like Home January 3, 2019

Rockwall, Rockwall County
3 Ways to Make a New House Feel Like Home, Rockwall, Texas

If you’ve just bought or built a new luxury home, the move-in process can be hectic. It might be difficult to think of the space as your own right away, especially if your previous living arrangement lasted a long time. To help yourself settle in and feel more comfortable, consider these tips.

How to Feel Comfortable in a New Luxury Home

1. Start With the Spaces You Frequent Most

While it can be easy to get distracted unpacking whatever box is in front of you, prioritize areas where you spend the most time, like the bedroom and bathroom. Not only is it practical to know where your toothbrush and shampoo are, but after a long day, you'll enjoy sinking into the familiarity of your own bed. 

luxury home2. Cook Something

The sooner you can start a routine in your new luxury home, the more normal it will feel. Instead of ordering lots of take-out while you move in, take the time to get the kitchen set up and start cooking your meals there.

3. Consider All Your Senses

Familiar sights, scents, textures, and sounds can make a new space feel like your own. If you’re not ready to permanently hang or place decorations, at least get them unpacked and lean them on the walls. Burn candles or incense or use air freshener to make the place smell like home. Consider playing a TV show in the background if you're not used to the new sounds, or lack thereof, in the area.


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