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3 Ways to Ward off Woodchucks January 11, 2019

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3 Ways to Ward off Woodchucks, New Milford, Connecticut

Woodchucks, also called groundhogs, can cause a considerable amount of damage if they infiltrate your property. They damage lawns, consume garden veggies, and even tunnel alongside the foundation of your house and cause leakage. To deter them from choosing your yard as a playground, here are some effective animal control tips to help you deal with woodchucks.

3 Animal Control Tips to Deter Woodchucks

1. Mark Your Territory

Just as dogs, wolves, and other animals claim territory by sprinkling urine on trees, bushes, and other objects, you can mark your territory as well. Simply collect your urine in a milk jug or other container and sprinkle a bit of it around your yard. If the pests have left a noticeable burrow, spray some of it near the burrow exit. It may sound gross, but scent-marking tells the pests that this area is off-limits. If you prefer an alternative, you can scare the critters off with other objects that carry your scent, like hair clippings, dirty socks, and other pieces of clothing. Lay them around the yard and near or upon the burrow entries.

2. Remove Attractants

animal control in New Milford, CTYou can make your yard less appealing to woodchucks by removing or walling off items that attract them. For instance, remove water sources by addressing any plumbing leaks and removing birdbaths. Dig up and remove old stumps and move firewood indoors since the rodents like to chew on these objects to control the growth of their incisors. Finally, erect a fence around your vegetable garden to discourage pests from stopping by to dine. The fence needs to penetrate the ground 12 to 18 inches deep to block woodchucks from burrowing underneath.

3. Apply Commercial Repellents

Commercial repellents come in a number of forms, but the most common are liquid and granular. You spray the liquid repellent directly on problem areas, such as plants the woodchucks like to eat. Spread the pellets on the ground to create a barrier around problem areas like a flower bed or garden. 


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