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What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency January 3, 2019

Texarkana, Miller
What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency, Texarkana, Arkansas

Plumbing crises are not something to be taken lightly, as they can sometimes lead to panicky decisions that simply worsen the problem. While your first task should be to call an emergency plumber, there are a few steps you can take before the professionals arrive. Here’s what you should keep in mind to minimize damage during an emergency situation. 

What to Do When You Need an Emergency Plumber

Stay Calm

Try not to panic or overreact. Take a deep breath and remain calm, even if the situation seems chaotic. Assess the situation and try to figure out the source of the leak so you know where to direct the plumbers when they arrive. If you're facing flooding or a significant leak, determine if the water will — or is currently — intersecting with the electrical system.

Shut Off Electricity

emergency plumberIf water is pooling at or near electrical fixtures or outlets, turn off the main house breaker to prevent electric shock. This should make it safe to move around the home without risk of electrocution.

Shut Off Main Water Supply

Turn off the main water supply to the house. This tap is usually found in the basement on a front-facing wall or in a utility room near the water heater. This will avoid costly damage in the event of a line break or leak. 

Shut Off Water Heater

Turn off power to the water heater to prevent it from overheating. For gas heaters, always shut off gas to the unit before switching off the power. Otherwise, gas could accumulate in the house.

Turn on Outside Taps

To drain water from the plumbing system, turn on the outdoor taps and direct the water hoses away from the house. Don't turn on kitchen or bathroom taps in case the clog or leak is downstream of these appliances. 

Plug Minor Leaks

If you spot minor plumbing leaks, try plugging them temporarily to minimize indoor water damage. A few loops of waterproof plumber's tape may help. This will be enough to stop the leak while you wait for an emergency plumber to arrive.


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