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3 Signs You Should Replace Your Glass Windows January 3, 2019

NOTA, Rochester
3 Signs You Should Replace Your Glass Windows, Rochester, New York

It can be a challenging to figure out whether your home’s windows need to be repaired or replaced. Older homes can experience high energy costs for a variety of reasons including inefficient windows. Sometimes a repair by a residential glass specialist will do the trick, and sometimes a total replacement is necessary. Checking your windows regularly for these warning signs—which indicate a need for a replacement—will keep you more comfortable year-round and improve your home’s property value. 

How to Tell if You Need to Replace Your Windows

1. Outdated

Older homes often have windows that reflect their age. The windows often feature single or thin panes of glass encased in wooden frames. While you might like this old-fashioned style, not everyone does. If you’re hoping to sell your home soon or simply want the windows to look more modern, you should replace them.

2. Difficult to Open & Close

residential glassWindows should open and close easily, so if you find yourself fighting to prop one open or to shut a window, they’ll need to be replaced. Glass can shatter or break if a window slams shut on its own or cracks while you’re forcing it to close—a major safety issue.  

3. Leak When It Rains

If your windows are closed and locked, but you find water or condensation inside after it rains, call a residential glass specialist. The seal may be broken, the caulking may be damaged, or, perhaps, your window wasn’t installed properly in the first place. Either way, a replacement will likely be needed.


When you need a window replacement in Monroe County, NY, contact the residential glass specialists at Mr. Glass. Their technicians are experienced and trained in handling multiple types of glass and use top-of-the-line equipment to install high-quality materials. Call (585) 271-1270 to request a free estimate, or visit them online to learn more about their window and residential glass services.

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