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Why You Should Consider Aggregate Lime for Your Crops January 9, 2019

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Why You Should Consider Aggregate Lime for Your Crops, Lincoln, Nebraska

Many farmers know that by taking care of the land, it takes care of you. And it is for this reason that many have started using aggregate lime to prepare their soil for sowing. If you've been considering new ways to grow healthier, stronger plants, the guide below takes a closer look at this substance and its benefits.

What Is Aggregate Lime?

Aggregate lime is a soil additive in farming and landscaping that is comprised mainly of pulverized limestone or chalk. The active ingredient is calcium carbonate, which reacts with the components in the soil to improve the overall makeup of nutrients. Some limes may contain other chemical compounds like calcium oxide or magnesium carbonate, depending on the purpose it’s serving.

What Are the Benefits?

aggregate limeThis substance reduces acidity and increases alkalinity in the soil so that it is more capable of absorbing water and nutrients. Aggregate lime also promotes earthworm activity, which accelerates the breakdown of organic materials that release nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur. Furthermore, this additive provides a source of calcium and magnesium to the plants grown in the soil.

When Is the Best Time to Spread It?

Aggregate lime can be applied any time of the year. However, since this additive reacts more slowly with soil than other substances, like fertilizer, it's most effective when applied to the field six to eight weeks before planting and sowing.


Looking to incorporate aggregate lime into your farming? Trust the professionals at LP Stewart & Sons Inc in Lincoln, NE. With more than 75 years of expert knowledge, this team strives to help their clients get more production from their soil. They will arrange to have different parts of your field tested so that their specialized equipment can distribute the exact right amount of additive each area needs. To learn more about how this process can balance your soil's pH, visit the company online. Then call (402) 423-5676 to schedule a visit.

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