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How to Maintain a Safe Unpaved Road This Winter January 3, 2019

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How to Maintain a Safe Unpaved Road This Winter, Helena Flats, Montana

Gravel drives require special attention during the winter to make sure they will be intact when spring thaws the ground. These necessary steps can be different than for paved roads due to the unique surface of the material. Here is some advice for caring for your gravel driveway to keep it safe all winter long.

4 Winter Care Tips for Unpaved Roads

1. Perform Frequent Snow Removal or Packing

Don’t wait to plow your gravel driveway until the snow stops falling. Instead, do a few swipes every hour or so to make it easier because the snow will weigh less. Or, some people pack the first few inches of snow by driving over it to create a smooth surface that is easy to plow. gravel Flathead County MT

2. Protect the Crown

Gravel drives have a crown, or tallest point, that runs down the middle of the lane. Always plow one side of the lane and then the other to keep this point intact and promote the best drainage. 

3. Keep Snow Piles Out of the Lane

Make sure to push snow piles as far out of the lane as possible to prevent them from becoming a safety hazard. By leaving several feet between these piles and the driving area, you’re accounting for the way the piles will flatten and spread as the melt and refreeze.

4. Add Sand

Instead of investing in a lot of salt to keep your gravel drive safe during the winter, spread sand to add texture to icy roads. This method is less impactful on the environment because it doesn’t contain chemicals that can harm livestock or leach into the water table.


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