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How to Care for Your Grass During Hawaii’s Rainy Season December 26, 2018

Wahiawa, Wahiawa
How to Care for Your Grass During Hawaii’s Rainy Season, Wahiawa, Hawaii

Winters are especially rainy in Hawaii. This season makes lawn care challenging since extra precipitation can compact the soil, making it difficult for the roots to get enough oxygen and essential nutrients. If you want to keep your grass as healthy as possible throughout the season, here are some essential tips to keep in mind.

3 Tips for Ensuring Healthy Grass During the Rainy Season

1. Stay Off Wet Grass

When you walk or place heavy equipment on wet grass, you’re likely to compact the soil, making it difficult for the roots to access oxygen or other nutrients. You can also create ruts or uneven patches where excess water could collect. Wait until your lawn has dried fully before walking on it or mowing it. 

2. Aerate After Flooding

grassAny water collection on your lawn can also lead to compacted soil. To combat this issue, wait until the grass has dried and then use an aerator or manually break up the soil. You may also want to add fertilizer after especially heavy rainfall since it can wash away essential nutrients.

3. Level the Ground

If you notice areas where water tends to collect over your lawn, wait until the ground has dried and then add extra soil so that the ground is even. This makes it easier for water to drain after rainfall, so your grass won’t flood so easily. You may also want to work with a landscaping company to increase drainage from those spots.


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