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3 Reasons to Consider New Replacement Windows April 17, 2019

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3 Reasons to Consider New Replacement Windows, Cincinnati, Ohio

When it comes to improving your home, most people have a long list of projects they want to tackle. However, the addition of replacement windows can improve your home in a number of ways. Here are three reasons to consider new windows for your home. 

3 Major Benefits of Replacement Windows

1. Reduce Energy Loss

Outdated or ill-fitting windows can be a large source of energy loss for most homes, accounting for as much as 30% of residential heating and cooling use. However, modern windows are designed to be more airtight and UV resistant than older varieties, which prevents issues like heat transfer to keep your home more comfortable. Reducing energy loss also lowers your energy costs, making it easier to stay within budget. 

2. Simplify Maintenance

new windowsModern windows are also made to be easier to use and clean, simplifying maintenance. For instance, some new windows can tilt and rotate inwards to make cleaning exterior second story windows easier. Also, vinyl window sashes are almost completely scratch-proof, making it easy to prevent damage. 

3. Improve Your Home’s Value  

New windows can enhance the look of both the interior and exterior of your home, boosting curb appeal and improving functionality. In fact, new windows have a high return on investment, with homeowners recouping as much as 77.5% of the cost of new mid-grade vinyl windows upon selling their home.

Since many new homeowners are also more focused on reducing their energy costs and the size of their carbon footprint, new windows are a great way to attract attention to a new home listing. 


When you’re ready to spruce up your home with new replacement windows, turn to the team at NuVue Products. With a commitment to carrying high-quality vinyl and fiberglass windows, this trusted Cincinnati, OH, business has more than 60 years worth of experience. To learn more about their products, visit their website or give their office a call at (513) 631-1801.

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