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5 Ways a Car Service Makes Business Travel Easier January 25, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
5 Ways a Car Service Makes Business Travel Easier, Brooklyn, New York

Traveling for business or corporate events comes with its own list of obstacles. However, the part of your trip that involves driving doesn’t have to be difficult when you have a professional car service at the ready. Finding a trusted and reliable company to get you where you need to be, has many benefits.

Why Use a Car Service When Traveling for Business?

1. On-Time Airport Pickups

When you arrive in a new city and have to head directly to a meeting, it can be difficult to get there on time since you don’t know the area. Having a car service waiting to pick you up will prevent you from navigating an unknown city on your own. The driver will already have the trip planned using the best routes for the time of day to ensure you arrive at the scheduled time. 

2. Keep to Your Schedule 

Booking a car service ahead of time allows you to maintain your carefully planned schedule. There is no waiting for the driver to show up, as you would with a taxi or Uber®. You won’t have to worry about your day getting thrown off track, requiring you to move around meetings or change your itinerary. 

3. Ride Shares

car serviceIt’s often necessary to go over details with colleagues before meeting with clients or other businesses. Depending on the vehicle, car services can often accommodate several people at once. This can also come in handy if you decide to treat your partners or clients for a meal or other entertainment afterward. 

4. Easy & Quick Scheduling

When you choose a car service company, select one that has their own phone app. This way you can book your ride quickly, and you’ll always be able to see if drivers and dates are available.  

5. Corporate Discounts

Business travel often means heading to the same locations multiple times a year. Professional car services will typically offer special deals to companies that frequent their city and need reliable transportation.


If you are heading to New York for business in the near future, contact Brooklyn Radio Dispatcher to ensure you always have reliable transportation. For over 30 years, this car service has provided friendly and first-class personal and corporate transportation services to the Tri-State area. Contact them today at (718) 384-4444 to learn more about their rates and package options. Also, visit their website to download their reservations app. 

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