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How to Handle Electrical Problems in Winter January 2, 2019

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How to Handle Electrical Problems in Winter, Hahira, Georgia

With the added heaters, lights, and increased moisture in the air, the coldest months of the year put the most strain on your home, especially its electrical system. From outages to shorts, a host of electrical problems are common during winter, meaning electricians have busy schedules. Below is more information on what you can do to combat winter hazards.

How to Prevent Them

The most common issues electricians encounter in winter are tripped breakers, flickering light fixtures, and burnt or shorted outlets and panels. This is due to the extra strain put on your electrical system from space heaters, electronics, and weeks of holiday lights.

To minimize the risks of this, have your electrical system inspected by trusted electricians early in the winter to make sure it’s in good condition. Try to minimize the use of extension cords, and if your power demand will increase dramatically, look into options to boost your home’s electrical capacity. A useful service, known as a heavy up, increases the amperage of your electrical capacity, preventing many of these issues from occurring and enhancing your safety during winter.

How to Diagnose Them

When you’re having issues, try to diagnose the cause to see if it’s fixable without electricians. For light fixtures that are flickering, turn them off and go around unplugging unneeded devices or appliances. If the light doesn’t flicker when on after removing several devices, then you were likely trying to draw more power than your home could handle, in which case you should leave those items unplugged and have your system inspected.

electriciansIf the lights quit working in one part of your house, check the fuse box; if one is tripped, unplug items from that area of the house before flipping the breaker back. If this solves your issue, you should reduce the demand on your electrical system or research heavy-up options. If these don’t fix the problem, call an experienced electrician to investigate.

In any situation where you smell burning or see smoke coming from an outlet or device, shut the power off to that portion of your home via the fuse box and call a professional for help. If you see flames, evacuate everyone immediately and call the fire department.


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