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3 Signs You'd Benefit From Adult Day Care January 2, 2019

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3 Signs You'd Benefit From Adult Day Care, Ewa, Hawaii

It’s nice to have a helping hand as you age. Perhaps you’re recovering from a procedure and want extra support during the day, or maybe you’re craving more conversation and company. Adult day care is an ideal solution if you don’t need full-time nursing, but could benefit from extra support. Here are three ways your life will improve from adult day care.

3 Benefits of Adult Day Care

1. Promote Mobility

adult day careWhile it might be tempting to rest in your favorite chair all day, it’s important to stay active. Research shows that increasing muscle strength can prevent decline. Adult day care centers often offer outdoor activities, like nature walks, to keep your muscles moving.

2. Get Daily Monitoring

Adult day care is a practical option if you have a caregiver who works during the day and oversees your health at night. If you’re recovering from a serious condition, like a stroke, regular monitoring is essential to your rehabilitation. Many centers employ certified nursing assistants to aid and oversee elderly health, offering peace of mind to you and your caregiver.

3. Provide Social Connections

Adult day care centers allow you to participate in activities with other seniors, letting you meet new people and continue having a social life. You can eat meals together, exercise in small groups, and play games with your peers.


With over 15 years of experience encouraging active and healthy aging, Seagull Schools Adult Day Center in Kapolei, HI, will help you make the most of your golden years. Their skilled team consists of certified nursing assistants, caregivers experienced with elderly support, and a kitchen staff that cooks healthy meals. The campus is also home to preschool and early childhood education programs for kids, creating an intergenerational, village-like, supportive community. Learn more about adult day care center enrollment online or call (808) 674-1160 to schedule a visit.

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