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3 Signs It’s Time for a Carpet Cleaning January 2, 2019

Dalworthington Gardens, Arlington
3 Signs It’s Time for a Carpet Cleaning, Arlington, Texas

Carpets are a beautiful and luxurious flooring option. However, they require the proper maintenance to preserve their look and feel. The guide below explains some common issues that require carpet cleaning to resolve.

When Should You Call a Carpet Cleaning Service?

1. It’s Badly Stained

Over time, your carpet can accumulate stains from a variety of sources, including food, drinks, pets, and children. If not addressed immediately, these stains will seep into the fibers and eventually become absorbed in the padding, possibly leading to the formation of harmful mold and mildew. Mold typically appears as white or dark stains, but it can sometimes have a brown or gray appearance if you live in a humid environment.

2. It Has an Unpleasant Odor

carpet cleaningWhen your carpet hasn’t been cleaned in a while, it can begin to develop a lingering and unwanted smell. This can be the result of pet odor that has become embedded in the fibers or be another indication of mold. Either can trigger allergic symptoms in those exposed. In this case, a professional, deep carpet cleaning will not only improve the condition of your floors but the air quality as well.

3. It’s an Old or Original Carpet

If you have an older home with an original carpet, have it cleaned. After years of continued use, foot traffic, stain build-up, and overall wear and tear, a deep carpet cleaning can help restore its shape and vibrancy. Not only will it make the space more appealing to you, but also to potential buyers, should you plan to sell.

If you’re in need of a carpet cleaning, turn to Cosmopolitan Carpet & Rug Cleaners. Providing over 30 years of service to residences and businesses throughout Fort Worth and Arlington, TX, this family-owned and -operated company also specializes in tile and grout and upholstery cleaning. In addition, customers can benefit from their after-hour emergency services. To schedule an appointment, give them a call today at (817) 265-9031 or visit them online to learn more about their process.

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