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3 Home Security Tips to Use This Winter December 27, 2018

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3 Home Security Tips to Use This Winter, Chillicothe, Ohio

As you cuddle up with your family this winter, you probably aren’t thinking about security hazards. However, property crimes are still an issue in the winter, especially if you’re going out of town to visit relatives. To ensure your home is safe behind a security system, use the following guidelines to protect it throughout the colder months.

3 Ways to Improve Home Security in the Winter

1. Install Exterior Lighting

Adequate light around the outside of your property serves two powerful purposes. By highlighting the area, you will not only deter would-be thieves from attempting to break in, but you’ll also be able to spot those who do—or at least catch them on video footage. Make sure your home’s security system is supplemented with motion-sensitive lights, which will shine brightly as soon as they detect movement. When they turn on, burglars may be so shocked that they abandon their efforts altogether.

2. Make It Look Like Someone’s Home

security systemIf you’re planning to go on vacation or stay with loved ones this winter, you’ll need to make arrangements to maintain your property while you’re away. For example, hiring someone to pick up the newspapers that would otherwise pile up outside your doorstep could create the illusion that no one has left. You could also set your lights to link up with a timer, so they turn on in the afternoon and evening, then off in the middle of the night.

3. Establish a Streaming Camera

If you want a real-time record of everything that goes on in your house, ask your security provider to set up streaming cameras. Especially in the living room—and other places where high-ticket items are present—this tool will allow you peace of mind, even if you’re away on vacation. You can check into the live stream if a neighbor warns of trespassers.


If you’d like to update your security system and safeguard your home, get in touch with Horizon in Chillicothe, OH. This trusted company offers sensors and monitors to optimize your network and allow for constant vigilance. In addition to security systems, they also offer internet and phone service. To learn more about their services, visit their website or call (740) 772-8200.

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