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Top 3 Benefits of Having Homeowners Insurance January 2, 2019

Mebane, Alamance
Top 3 Benefits of Having Homeowners Insurance, Mebane, North Carolina

Though homeowners insurance is sometimes elective, it’s a risk to be caught without its protection in times of need. Most homeowners purchase insurance for peace of mind or because their mortgage lender requires it. Either way, knowing your home and property are covered no matter what happens is a valuable asset in life. Learn how this insurance can help you and your family.

3 Reasons to Have a Homeowners Insurance Policy

1. Comprehensive Coverage

Owning a home comes with the risk of unforeseen accidents and emergencies. Fortunately, most homeowners insurance policies cover incidents of fire, theft, vandalism, and other hazards. They generally apply to both the interior and exterior of the house, personal property, and personal bodily injuries to those who reside in the home. Depending on your policy, insurance can also provide compensation for vandalized property, missing items, and financial assistance to cover expenses.

2. Faster Recovery

Losing your home to a fire or dealing with extensive damage from a natural disaster can be difficult for you and your family. However, having homeowners insurance can help you cope with the aftermath at a much faster rate. Financial compensation can greatly reduce your stress and alleviate worry by allowing you to recover lost property and repair damages much more easily than without a policy. In cases of total loss, the insurance policy can help you get back on your feet by covering more than the amount of your home.

3. Flexible

homeowners insuranceOne of the benefits of insuring your home is being able to add coverage in the future. These provisions are useful when you want to include coverage for expensive jewelry and unique homeowner issues such as burst water pipes and mold exposure. Though these extra features usually cost you a higher premium, you can rest assured you’re covered if something does happen.


If you’re searching for a quality homeowners insurance agency, look no further than Farm Bureau of Mebane-Caudill Agency in Mebane, NC. The Farm Bureau family started in 1953 to help farm and residential policyholders across all counties of North Carolina. This agency prides itself in providing quality service and recently won the 2018 Readers Choice Award for Best Insurance Company in Mebane by the Mebane Enterprise. You can choose from an array of insurance policies, including homeowners and renters, auto, and life. Rest assured that agents are always available to help you face to face. Call (919) 563-3276  or visit their website to get a quote!

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