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4 Ways to Help Seniors Deal With Vision Loss February 27, 2019

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4 Ways to Help Seniors Deal With Vision Loss, Lakeville, New York

Loved ones and home health care providers often see the effects of visual impairment on seniors. It’s important for these individuals to offer assistance as older people adjust to their changing sight. Here is some advice to help you get started on providing support to a senior loved one in their time of need.

How to Assist Seniors Adjusting to Visual Impairment

1. Secure Transit

Often, impaired vision means difficulty driving. Seniors who are losing their eyesight will have to learn new ways to get around. To ensure they can get around, help them learn how to navigate public transit, secure rides with loved ones, and have them use rideshare apps or taxis. 

2. Improve Lighting

Seniors with poor vision benefit from more light. With the help of a home health care provider, you can assess the senior's residence in the daytime and at night to decide where to add new fixtures, install task lighting, and swap out light bulbs to improve safety. 

3. Look Into Counseling Opportunities

home health care Rochester NYMany people struggle emotionally with adjusting to the loss of sight. They may go through a mourning process while learning to cope, and seeing a counselor can help them understand these feelings and better communicate what they need during this vulnerable time. 

4. Promote Regular Eye Doctor Visits

It’s crucial for seniors to maintain their eye health even if they have degenerative eye diseases. By ensuring they attend regular visits with an eye doctor, you can help older individuals follow the necessary steps to preserve their eyesight and prevent future issues. Work with a home health care provider to learn how to provide the best in-home vision care for the senior, such as administering lubricating eye drops and following optical prescription medications.


If you’re looking for a home health care provider to assist a senior loved one who is adjusting to limited vision, contact Lifetime Care. Their compassionate team has offered senior services since 1960 including caring for over 33,000 homebound individuals. Call (585) 214-1000 to reach their Rochester, NY, location or visit the website for information on their locations throughout the Finger Lakes region and to learn about their care services.

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