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4 Truck Accessories for Upfitting Your Vehicle December 26, 2018

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4 Truck Accessories for Upfitting Your Vehicle, St. Louis, Missouri

When your truck is part of your business, you rely on it to do your job well and keep your customers happy. High-quality truck accessories can make your job easier and more enjoyable when you find the right ones. Here are a few ways you can upfit your truck for tough jobs.

4 Ways to Upfit Your Truck for Tough Jobs

1. Hydraulic Systems

A hydraulic system is useful for jobs in areas such as construction, landscaping, and trash removal. Choose a sensitive and reliable system for your dump bed upgrade to ensure you get the most out of your truck’s hauling capabilities.

2. Lift Gates

truck accessoriesDo you need to lift heavy items into your truck but don’t always have a crew on hand to do it? Lift gates are the perfect truck accessories to load heavy equipment safely and easily. They’re available in light duty or heavy duty and come with a range of storage positions.

3. Pick-Up Caps

Keep your equipment protected from the elements with a pick-up cap. Choose from cab-high, mid-rise, or maximum capacity models depending on what you typically need to haul in your truck bed. For added privacy, tinted glass can prevent people from seeing what’s inside.  

4. Towing

Whether you’re towing cars or larger vehicles, you need to trust your towing equipment and installation. When choosing towing truck accessories, consider the weight of your payload and the truck as well as the available safety systems. An upfitting company can help to ensure you don’t choose a towing system that could overload your truck.


If you want to upgrade your truck or fleet with new accessories, Kranz Body Co in Saint Louis, MO, has the truck equipment you need to upfit your vehicle for a wide range of jobs. With more than 150 years in the business, their knowledge is unsurpassed, and they make customer satisfaction a priority. They carry a large inventory of truck accessories and can advise you on the best options for your vehicle. Call (314) 776-3787 or contact them online to get a quote for your upfit.

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