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Why Businesses Should Buy Bulk Salt for Winter January 2, 2019

Northfield Center, Summit
Why Businesses Should Buy Bulk Salt for Winter, Northfield Center, Ohio

With winter comes snow and ice that blankets driveways, sidewalks, and roads, which can cause accidents. But applying a layer of salt on icy pathways keeps them clear and safer for drivers and pedestrians to use. While you only need a relatively small amount of salt to keep your personal driveway ice-free, commercial paving like parking lots and roadways need a lot of salt. Here’s a closer look at why purchasing bulk salt is a smart move for businesses.

Why It’s Smart to Purchase Salt in Bulk

Bagged or bulk salt is effective at minimizing auto collisions and slip-and-fall injuries as it melts away ice from paved surfaces, improving traction. Business owners that purchase and use bulk salt on their pavement also greatly reduce the legal and financial liability that can result from these accidents. They also stand to save a lot of money, as they often receive deep discounts from bulk salt suppliers when they make purchases by the ton. 

How to Find the Right Bulk Salt Supplier

bulk saltBear in mind that prices fluctuate depending on demand and location, so it’s important to get quotes from at least three bulk salt suppliers to make an economically sound choice. Compare their prices and check if their estimates include delivery fees. Even if you had a good deal with your previous vendor, still request a quote from another distributor — they might offer a better bargain to get your business as a first-time customer. Before scheduling a large order delivery, read customer reviews and feedback to gauge the supplier's reliability.


Before winter gets into full swing, buy bulk salt for all your de-icing needs at Nordonia Landscape Supplies. Based in Northfield, OH, they are one of the top salt distributors in the state, consistently supplying residents and businesses with high-quality bagged salt. Schedule same-day delivery or arrange for pick-up by calling (330) 467-SALT or send them a message via their website.