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The Do's & Don'ts of Picking a Day Care Center Near Home or Work January 3, 2019

St. Peters, St. Charles
The Do's & Don'ts of Picking a Day Care Center Near Home or Work, St. Peters, Missouri

As a busy parent, choosing to enroll your child in a day care center ensures they will be looked after by trustworthy professionals in a controlled environment. There are many factors that go into deciding on a provider. To make the correct choice, below are what you should and shouldn’t do when weighing options.  


Consider each parent’s schedule.

Think about the activities of a typical day when deciding on a facility. If either parent can work away from the office or take long breaks, opting for day care near home might be beneficial. If both guardians are tied to the office, a center near work might be the better choice. You can arrange to drop them off on your way to the office and pick them up when returning home.

Think about program costs.

How much you want to pay for day care can also factor into whether to choose an option near work or home. If the family lives in the suburbs, for example, a center in the community might be less expensive. This is because the price to rent or lease a building could be cheaper than setting up a center in a city. If cost is not one of the more important factors, don’t overlook the benefits of a facility near work in a city setting. Depending on the program, there might be more opportunities for field trips and other activities to nearby museums, parks, zoos, and other kid-friendly attractions. 


Saddle one parent with all pick-up and drop-off duties. 

Relying on one guardian to get a child to and from day care and come to the facility quickly can generate a lot of stress. To keep the household running smoothly, choose an option that works for both individuals. If both have a long commute and don’t work in the same area, opting for a center near home might be the better choice. 

Forget about other kids in the household.

day careAlthough younger children might need more supervision, don’t forget about the schedules and needs of older kids in the family. If the day care center is near the elementary school or high school, choosing a location near home might be best for everyone. If children attend schools or participate in extracurricular activities in different areas, a facility near work might be best. 


If you are looking for a day care center run by compassionate, caring, responsible adults, reach out to Great Beginnings. With facilities in St. Charles and Cottleville, MO, their staff is committed to providing youngsters with a safe environment to participate in academic-based activities. They will also share tips to keep your child learning at home. To learn more about Pre-K, preschool, and toddler and infant care services in Cottleville, call (636) 447-4212, or connect with the St. Charles branch at (636) 724-5048. You can also visit the licensed child care providers online for a complete list of program descriptions and Facebook for announcements. 

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