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Common Questions About Rebar Fabrication January 3, 2019

Carthage, Cincinnati
Common Questions About Rebar Fabrication, Cincinnati, Ohio

Reinforcing bars, aka rebar, provide strength for concrete and brick structures that are under tension. Whether you’re building a foundation for a home or a massive manufacturing structure, it’s crucial to understand rebar fabrication in order to purchase and use the best-quality materials on the market. Here is some insight into rebar to get you started.

An Introduction to Rebar Fabrication in Construction

What are the different types of rebar?

There are many varieties of rebar available in different strengths, materials, and lengths. Some are made out of carbon steel while others use glass-fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) or stainless steel. Choose the right material for your project based on strength and durability as well as cost. 

What are rebar grades?

During rebar fabrication, each piece is graded based on its level of strength. For example, a 60 rebar can hold 60,000 pounds per square inch and is often used for concrete reinforcement in medium- and heavy-duty jobs. Grade 40 rebar can hold only 40,000 pounds per square inch and works well in light- to medium-duty reinforcement uses. 

Why is rebar measured in soft metric equivalents?

rebar fabrication Cincinnati OHWith standard and metric systems competing, it’s complicated to provide measurement information. To mitigate this issue, rebar fabrication uses soft metric equivalents to change measurements between the two systems while allowing for tolerances, meaning each piece may be a little long or slightly short. 

What do the marks on rebar mean?

Every piece of rebar should feature markings that indicate where it was produced, the size of the material, and the type of reinforcing bar. You may also spot one or two lines along the long part of the bar that indicate the grade if it’s a 60 or 75—two of the highest strength options available.


When you’re in need of rebar fabrication specialists, contact Byer Steel in Cincinnati, OH. Their team works with manufacturers, demolition companies, maintenance shops, and fabricators to recycle metals and create top-quality rebar in many sizes and strength grades. Call (513) 821-6400 or visit the website for information on their fabrication and recycling processes. With their help, you can learn about their standard and non-standard lengths to prepare for your next project.

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