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The Top 3 Food Trucks Trends You Need to Know About January 4, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
The Top 3 Food Trucks Trends You Need to Know About, Brooklyn, New York

Food trucks have become a staple in nearly every city in the U.S. While the industry has experienced substantial growth over the last decade, every year brings about new changes. Take your mobile food truck to new levels by incorporating these trends into your business model in 2019.

3 Mobile Food Truck Trends to Follow in 2019

1. Big Business Collaborations

Mobile kitchens have long relied on corporate employees for business, but now the bosses are getting in on the trend by hiring trucks for important events. Such an arrangement offers incredible visibility for small food truck operations. The company's PR promotions provide a direct link to your business, and the event itself introduces you to new clientele and networking opportunities.

2. Special Event Catering

mobile food truckIt’s not just big business that wants to incorporate mobile food trucks into their festivities; hosts of private gatherings want in on the trend too. Smaller scale events, like weddings and birthday parties, are adding a unique spin on their special occasions by reserving trucks for an exclusive dining experience. If you want to boost your revenue with private celebrations, start incorporating the option into your advertising efforts through social media, your website, and at local venues.

3. Out-the-Truck Expansions

In 2019, mobile food operations are stepping out of the confines of their vehicles. Many truck owners are setting up booths and tables in public spaces, like farmer's markets and craft fairs, to expand their earning opportunities. You still get to offer your signature food options, but you're also able to reach a larger customer base with a mixed approach.


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