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What Are the Benefits of Tree Pruning? January 2, 2019

North Hobbs, Lea
What Are the Benefits of Tree Pruning?, North Hobbs, New Mexico

To keep your yard looking its best, you likely mow the lawn, tend the gardens, and keep the shrubs groomed. You should also invest in professional tree pruning to keep your trees as healthy as possible. The following guide lists some of the main benefits of this type of maintenance. 

4 Reasons to Prune Trees

1. Keep the Tree Growing

When experts prune a tree, they remove overgrown or unhealthy branches so that new ones can grow. Not only does this mean that sun can more easily reach once-neglected areas, but the nutrients from the light won't be wasted on the unwanted limbs, thereby strengthening the tree as a whole.

2. Treat Tree Disease

If disease shows up in the branches, it will spread quickly. Fruit-bearing trees are especially susceptible. Therefore, to improve the chances of a bountiful harvest and a healthy plant, call a tree pruning professional at the first sign of decay, including peeling bark or leaves that are unseasonably yellow. 

tree pruning3. Remove Dead Branches

Dead branches are not only aesthetically unappealing. These limbs are much less unstable and will easily fall off in strong winds. Since falling branches can damage your house, cars, and other property, it’s best to have them removed regularly.

4. Maintain the Home & Yard

Untidy trees do not add to curb appeal. Furthermore, if overgrown branches extend too close to the house, bugs are more likely to use them as bridges to cross into your home in search of food and shelter. Therefore, have limbs trimmed to provide the roof with 10 ft. of clearance space.


To improve the health of your yard’s trees, call the professionals at Taylor’s Weed & Pest Control. Located in Hobbs, NM, this team provides exemplary tree pruning in addition to a number of other services, including bee and termite removal. To view a full list of their offerings, visit them online today. You can also call (575) 492-9247 to schedule an appointment.

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