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Top 5 Benefits of Replacement Windows February 11, 2019

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Top 5 Benefits of Replacement Windows, Cincinnati, Ohio

Windows are your view to the outside world and help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. They are also a source of beautiful natural light. If your windows are older and no longer doing their jobs well, replacement windows are the best option for upgrading your home. Here are the top five reasons to call a window contractor today.

Why You Should Install Replacement Windows

1. Cost Savings

Replacement windows boost energy efficiency, which lowers HVAC costs. Your heating and cooling system does not have to work as hard when your home is shielded from extreme external temperatures or drafty windows leaking energy. New windows offer optimal insulation that will eliminate hot and cold spots and keep the inside of your living space comfortable year-round.

2. UV Shielding

Natural light improves mood and also provides ample illumination for day-to-day tasks. However, sunshine contains ultra-violet (UV) rays that can damage items in your home such as flooring, upholstered furniture, and even wall color. Replacement windows with low-emissivity insulation that feature double or triple pane glass offer an extra layer of protection from the effects of UV.

3. Better Lighting

replacement windowsNew windows with the proper glazing provide a clear view to the outside and bright sunshine inside. The quality of daylight coming in is better on replacement windows. They are also better at keeping heat gain in check without sacrificing light.

4. Safety Boost

Better windows mean a safer home.  Features such as tempered glass are less hazardous if the glass should break. Replacement windows can also protect your home from criminals seeking entry. Not only are they stronger, but new designs with polymer interlayers make the glass more difficult to break.

5. Property Value Upgrade

A home with newly installed windows has a greater curb appeal, an especially helpful detail if you plan to sell your home. Windows offer one of the best returns on investment and increase the value of your property, especially if you choose quality windows that ensure efficiency and safety.


When you need a window contractor for your replacement windows in the Cincinnati, OH, area, trust Superior Products. Their professional team is also available for other exterior installation needs, such siding, gutters, and roof replacement. They’re committed to going the extra length to make sure their customer’s needs are met and that their expectations are exceeded. To make an appointment, call (513) 231-1168, or visit their website to learn more about their windows.

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