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Scuba Diving FAQ for Non-Divers December 28, 2018

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Scuba Diving FAQ for Non-Divers, Kettering, Ohio

Scuba diving provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in a totally different world. Whether you dive in the ocean or any other body of water, you get a real time glimpse of how life beneath the surface works. If this activity is completely foreign to you but you are considering diving lessons, learning more may entice you to sign up. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Scuba Diving for Beginners

Do I need to be physically fit to dive?

While serious athleticism is not necessary for scuba diving, those who are in good shape tend to do best. If you regularly engage in high-intensity exercises that keep your heart rate up, you will probably have an easier time diving. Most centers offering scuba certification require you to undergo tests that determine how well you swim, such as a whether you can swim 200 yards unassisted. 

Will it hurt my ears?

scuba divingWater pressure on the eardrums can cause pain in the middle ears without using an equalizing technique. Pain is especially common among free divers or those who dive head rather than feet first. You will hear a popping or clicking sound when you equalize your ears that lets you know the tubes connecting your nose to your throat are open. This releases trapped air in the middle ears that can cause diving discomfort.

What is decompression sickness?

Also known as “the bends,” decompression sickness occurs when you rise too quickly from deep water. Changes in water pressure cause gas bubbles in diver air tanks. These bubbles usually consist of nitrogen, a gas the body does not process. Too much nitrogen from a quick ascent causes decompression sickness with a range of symptoms that may include joint pain, fatigue, and skin rashes among others.

Can I dive if I have certain conditions or take medication?

Your diving candidacy depends partially on what medications you take, for example, if you take drugs for cardiovascular health you may not be able to scuba dive safely. Medical clearance is required not only for cardiovascular conditions such as arrhythmias, but it is also necessary if you have diabetes or asthma. If you are pregnant, you should wait to go scuba diving to avoid injuries to yourself and the fetus.


If you reside in Dayton, OH, or the surrounding areas and are interested in scuba diving from a certified dive center, consider lessons from Southern Ohio Diving Academy. Specializing in lessons, certifications, and scuba equipment sales, this school also arranges diving trips to exotic locales about every two months. Call (937) 298-2999 today or visit their website to learn about classes. Keep up with the latest academy news and tips on Facebook.

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