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3 Signs the Belts & Hose in Your Car Need Attention December 21, 2018

Florissant, St. Louis, MO
3 Signs the Belts & Hose in Your Car Need Attention, Florissant, Missouri

The belts and hoses in your car are just a few of the many components that keep your car functioning smoothly. However, because they’re made of softer materials, these pieces are particularly susceptible to wearing out. Below are three signs that your belts or hoses are close to breaking. By recognizing these indicators, you can avoid the need for emergency auto repair.

3 Signs You Need Auto Repair for Your Belts & Hoses

1. Burnt Rubber Smell & Squeaking

When belts start to fail, they may burn up, leading to a foul rubber smell. If you notice this odor, your car needs immediate attention. If one of the belts fails completely, your car could be stuck, and you’ll have to call a tow truck. If you don’t notice a burning smell, but there’s a shrill squeaking when your car starts or runs, your belts may also need attention.

2. Leaks

auto repairTwo of the most prominent hoses in your car are the radiator and heater hoses, which carry coolant throughout your car. If they grow too old, they’ll grow brittle and begin cracking. You can often catch this issue with a visual inspection, but you know your car needs immediate attention if you spot leaking radiator fluid. If this issue goes too long, you could put your car at a higher risk of overheating.

3.  Age

Like any vehicle component, belts and hoses will only last so long. You should follow manufacturer recommendations for routine replacements. As a rule of thumb, your serpentine and V-belts should be checked for fraying every three thousand miles and replaced every three to four years. The timing belt is a bit more durable and can last anywhere from 60,000 to 90,000 miles. Lastly, check your hoses when you check the serpentine and V-belts, and call for auto repairs if you notice any brittleness, swelling, or cracking.


To keep your belts and hoses in shape with routine maintenance or replace them in an emergency, you can turn to the experts at Mullanphy Tire & Automotive in Florissant, MO. They provide full-service auto repair throughout St. Louis County, including tire rotation, oil changes, and transmission repairs. You can learn about their full range of offerings online. To discuss an automotive issue with an expert and schedule an appointment, call (314) 921-4961.

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