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3 Factors to Help You Pick a Metal Recycling Center January 10, 2019

Carthage, Cincinnati
3 Factors to Help You Pick a Metal Recycling Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

If you’re tearing out an old chain link fence, junking a broken refrigerator, or getting rid of your junk car, recycling is a quick way to make some extra cash. However, not all recycling centers offer the same level of service. Use the criteria below to assist your search, and you’ll be sure to find a trustworthy company to take that extra metal off your hands. 

3 Qualities to Look for in a Recycling Center

1. Clean & Organized Facility

You want to find a recycling center that’s orderly and efficient. Otherwise, you could be waiting a long time. To ensure you’re picking a company that will respect your time, visit them and see if their operations are orderly. If so, you’re probably dealing with a company that has an efficient workflow and can get you in and out quickly.

2. Caring Customer Service

recycling centerBecause you’re the seller and not the customer at a recycling center, some companies might take this chance to shortchange you or have a lower standard of customer service. To find a business that will respect you and make your visits enjoyable, ask for references from other people who have recycled scrap in the past. They’ll be able to guide you away from any businesses that might take advantage of you.

3. Acceptance of All Metal

To make your trip as easy as possible, you should find a recycling center that accepts all types of metal so you won’t have to worry about sorting everything by type. They should also be upfront with information about current scrap prices, helping you to understand exactly how much you’ll be getting for each type of metal.


If you’re looking to recycle old appliances, cars, or other scrap metal in the Cincinnati, OH, area, pay a visit to Byer Steel. For over 80 years, they’ve been a trusted recycling center with clean facilities, a helpful staff, and fair prices for all metal. If you have any questions about the process, call (513) 948-0300, or learn about current prices by calling 513-821-6400. You can also visit them online for more information about their recycling and rebar offerings.

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